By 2035, Africa’s labor force will be larger than India and China.
Our vision is to give youth the incentive to do IT jobs.
We want to foster youth collective genius and make easier their employability.

Our activities

We cover the neighbourhood "Les courtillières" from the city of Pantin (suburbs of Paris) and the city of Niamey (Niger).
We truly believe that even though, thoses ecosystems are different, they share the same challenges for the futur.Digital could be a way to build bridges between them.


Initiate youth from 8 to 20 years old on coding and robotics based on tools like the small computer Raspberry Pi, programming languages Scratch and Python.

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Offer real business cases to students. Like a internship, the objective is to combine academic theory with the world of business.

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Business program

Short training for locals professionals on specific subjects linked to the digital.

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